Office Christmas Trees are OOO. 

Remember being in the office at Christmas?

Massive, expensive, decorated trees adorn the lobbies and every floor. It's something nice we all take for granted and have done for years!

Lots of us are lucky at this time of year, but some are not so fortunate.

This year, we're WFH and our offices stand empty, treeless. 

So we thought it would be a nice idea to encourage companies to donate what they would usually spend on an Office Christmas Tree to worthy causes.

Let's put our trees together to make a difference this year and see how much our industries can raise and do something good.

So, send this to your office managers, your CEO's, your HR departments and let's put this budget to good use.

Thank You.

Your tree budgets will be split equally between the following charities. 


Please do find out more about the incredible work they do by clicking the logos below.

crisis logo.png

Thank You to the following companies who have donated their tree budget:

(please add your company name onto your JustGiving donation and we will add your logo in here)